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Below you can find dresses that we have in stock by size.  Be mindful, however, that each manufacturer uses different sizing so make sure and consult their sizing charts to confirm the skating dress will actually fit.
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2-Tone Piping Light Weight Fleece Pants (SKU: CN-P618F)2-Tone Piping Light Weight Fleece Pants (SKU: CN-P618F)
Offered in Child X-Small thru Adult Large.

Fuchsia, Purple or Turquoise.

3" Waist Straight Leg Pants (SKU: CN-P49)3" Waist Straight Leg Pants (SKU: CN-P49)
Offered in Child XX-Small thru Adult X-Large.

894 Performer Frame Set (SKU: PIC-894)894 Performer Frame Set (SKU: PIC-894)
Designed to withstand the rigors of a demanding skater.

Perform jumps, spins and footwork.

994 Pic Professional Frame Set (SKU: PIC-994)994 Pic Professional Frame Set (SKU: PIC-994)
The ultimate freestyle frame designed for jumps, spins and intricate footwork.

A-Line Skate Skirts (SKU: CN-K01)A-Line Skate Skirts (SKU: CN-K01)
Offered in Child XX-Small thru Adult Large.

Animal Turquoise, Zebra, Black, Purple Bubbles, Leopard, Fuchia Animal, White Dot or Fuchsia Dot.
Acrylic Gloves (SKU: JR-1100)Acrylic Gloves (SKU: JR-1100)
Adult Knee Pads (SKU: DNS-684)Adult Knee Pads (SKU: DNS-684)
All Black 3" Waistband Skate Pants (SKU: CN-P22)All Black 3" Waistband Skate Pants (SKU: CN-P22)
Offered in Child XX-Small through Adult XX-Large.

All Black or choose from 10 crystal prints.

Apex Dance Blade (SKU: DJ-TB115)Apex Dance Blade (SKU: DJ-TB115)
The Apex Dance Blade is meant for the advanced competitive ice dancer.

Comparable to MK Dance Blade.

Apex Elite Blade (SKU: DJ-TB105)Apex Elite Blade (SKU: DJ-TB105)
The Ultima Elite blade is designed for high level freesytle and pairs skaters.

8 ft. rocker with Straight Cut toe pick.
Apex Freestyle Blade (SKU: DJ-TB120)Apex Freestyle Blade (SKU: DJ-TB120)
The Ultima Freestyle blade is intended for high level freestyle skaters.

Cross cut toe pick and 8 ft. rocker.

Apex Supreme Blade (SKU: DJ-TB150)Apex Supreme Blade (SKU: DJ-TB150)
The Ultima Supreme Blade is designed for the highest level figure skaters.

It has an 8 ft. rocker and Cross Cut toe pick.

April Showers Zuca Bag (SKU: ZU-APRI)April Showers Zuca Bag (SKU: ZU-APRI)
Aqua Snowflake Transpack Bag (SKU: Transpack-ASN)Aqua Snowflake Transpack Bag (SKU: Transpack-ASN)
Aqua Transpack Bag (SKU: Transpack-Aqua)Aqua Transpack Bag (SKU: Transpack-Aqua)
Arabian Nights Dress (SKU: JR-571)Arabian Nights Dress (SKU: JR-571)

Offered in Youth 10-12.
Aubergine Elegance Dress (SKU: JR-40)Aubergine Elegance Dress (SKU: JR-40)
Offered in Youth 6-8 thru 12-14.

Aurora Zuca Bag (SKU: ZU-AURA)Aurora Zuca Bag (SKU: ZU-AURA)
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