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Rockerz Skate Guards
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Rockerz Skate Guards

Rockerz Skate Guards

Rockerz Skate Guards
Rocker Shaped BottomWider base than typical skate guardsHeavy Duty GripsErgonomic GripsAvailable Colors
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Rockerz Skate Guards

Rockerz Skate Guards are egonomically designed to reduce impact and provide a safer foundation for walking in skates. Featuring a rocker bottom, a wide base, and heavy duty tread, Rockerz are not only provide more stablity when walking, but and also reduce impact and joint stress.

Rockerz skate guards are made of high quality recyclable plastic that feels like rubber, last 3-4 times longer than typical skate guards, and have ergonomic grips that allow you to safely grip the guards when putting them on or taking taking them off your skates. Made longer in order to fit large blades, Rockerz can be assembled to allow as little gap as possible between guard halves.

Rockerz guards come in 12 different colors and you can mix and match colors to come up with your own unique pair of guards -- even choose the color of your springs! See below for pictures of different Rockerz colors.

Two halves per guard, two guards per pair of skates. Enter your blade length and type and we'll assemble the guards for you. Rockerz do not work with K-Picks.
Features Benefits
Rocker Shaped Bottom Allows skater to roll through their walk and reduces impact and joint stress.
Wider Base than typical skate guards Allows for more stability when walking.
Heavy Duty Grips Provides more traction when walking on wet or slippery surfaces.
Ergonomic Grips Allow you to safely hold guard when putting on and taking off blades.
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