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P-73 Pic 3 Wheel Professional Frame Set
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P-73 Pic 3 Wheel Professional Frame Set

P-73 Pic 3 Wheel Professional Frame Set

P-73 Pic 3 Wheel Professional Frame Set
Geneva WheelsP-11 Ball PicP-11 Ball Pic Edges
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The P-73 Pic 3 Wheel Professional Frame Set is designed for jumps, spins, and intricate footwork.  Like the 994 , it is equipped with a highly finished rocker frame, Geneva wheels, ABEC 7 bearings and the P-11 Ball Pics.  The shorter frame size, however, may be favored by skaters with a boot size of 7.5 and under.  (Set includes two frames, Geneva wheels, bearings, mounting kit, and instructions).

We can mount your frames and wheels for you.  If you are purchasing a boot from us, or sending us your boots for us to mount, we can select the appropriate frame size for you - contact us to discuss further; otherwise - 

How to select your frame size:
  1. Measure the sole of the boot from heel to toe using a cloth tape
  2. Subtract 1/4" and order that or the next smaller size frame

Example 1:  Boot measures 10-1/4" toe to heel (10-1/4" - 1/4" = 10" - order 9.75" frame)

Example 2:  Boot measures 9-1/8" toe to heel (9-1/8" - 1/4" = 8-7/8" - order 8.75" frame)

Finally, we would recommend purchasing two replacement P-11 Ball Pics as these are generally the first things that wear out.
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Features Benefits
Geneva Wheels 68mm wheels with a special pour compound allows for enhanced edges, spins and jumps.
P-11 Ball Pic Allows for high rebound, superior grip and extended wear.
777 ABEC Bearings Steel bearings are lighter and quicker than typical ball bearings.
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