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MK Phantom Special Blade
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MK Phantom Special Blade

MK Phantom Special Blade

MK Phantom Special Blade
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MK Phantom Special Blade

Identical blade design to the Phantom but featuring a solid sole plate and a patented Dovetail edge section to give the benefits of side-honing and easy precision sharpening.

7 ft. rocker
Cross cut
Side honed

  • This figure blade can also be ordered with the Parabolic design meant to center your weight on the blade and result in less drag on the ice making for smoother, sharper turns and edgework.
  • We offer a free sharpening on all blade purchases.  If you would like for us to add a free sharpening to your new skate blades, let us know what hollow you would like or what level you are in your skating lessons and how frequently you skate.  You can always call us to discuss if you have any questions or special requirements.
Features Benefits
Cross Cut Toe Pick Superior grip on the ice
Taper Side Honed Tapered towards the tail for less drag, more speed
Parabolic Unique, weight-centering technology for outstanding stability and precision.