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Kiss & Cry Skate Tote
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Kiss & Cry Skate Tote

Kiss & Cry Skate Tote

Kiss & Cry Skate Tote
Back Strap designed to secure to Zuca bagBubbly RoseBubbly LemonBubbly MintBubbly OceanBubbly GrapeJazzy AquamarineJazzy AmethystJazzy OnyxJazzy PearlJazzy Pink SapphireJazzy Ruby
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Kiss & Cry Skate Tote

Designed to attach to your Zuca bag, this Rink Tote makes "in and out of the rink" so much easier. With various open pockets of different sizes and purposes, not only does it make easily accessible to what you need during the practice, but also it keeps everything well-organized all in one place. 

Choose from Fuzzy, Bubble or Metallic finish.

  • Short handles that stay out of the way once it's down, yet just long enough so you can simply grab and go
  • Side pockets that are perfectly sized for CD cases
  • Multi-purpose front pockets for pens, cell phone, iPod, etc.
  • Back strap to secure it on top of your ZUCA bag or suitcase handle
  • Main compartment with a detachable center divider
  • Perfect size to house a small tissue box in one side and a water bottle, a practice note, blade guards, etc. in the other
  • With the divider taken out, it can house the standard size tissue box

Approx. Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 5.5 in. (Varies slightly between styles, depending on the materials used)

* Personal items and decorations not included (display purposes only).