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Harlick High Tester Boot
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Harlick High Tester Boot

Harlick High Tester Boot

Harlick High Tester Boot
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Harlick High Tester Skate Boot

The Harlick High Tester model is made with Duo Bond ankle reinforcement and features Three Layer Construction (Strong Ankle Support).  This boot includes Clarino Lining, Achilles Tendon Padding, Ankle Padding, and Rolled Top Lining Edges.

Harlick boots are hand made and as a result can be modified to include special features and options such as light weight or colored soles, different tongues, exteriors and sizing specifications, etc.  

As a result, prices can and will vary from that shown.  Because of all the options available, if you are interested in a Harlick boot and cannot visit us in person, we'd strongly urge you to get a Virtual Fitting.