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Eclipse Demo Titanium Infinity Blade
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Eclipse Demo Titanium Infinity Blade

Eclipse Demo Titanium Infinity Blade

Eclipse Demo Titanium Infinity Blade
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Eclipse Demo Titanium Infinity Blade

Designed for double, triple and quad jumps, the Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium is designed for the most demanding freestyle skater, offering an 8’ radius for maximum speed with cross milled toe rakes for secure ice engagement. Solid titanium construction provides incredible strength and lightweight feel to skate faster, jump higher and stay on the ice longer. Swedish Stainless Steel runners offer outstanding edge life. Higher stanchion height allows for improved boot clearance.

Comparable to the Wilson Gold Seal.

As a Demo blade, this blade was used for demonstrations by the manufacturer and although in excellent condition, is not considered 'new'.

8 ft. Rocker

The all new lightweight Eclipse Titanium™ blades have a 100% titanium alloy body with a stainless steel runner. At 45% lighter than carbon steel alloys, titanium offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is 60% denser than aluminum and twice as strong. The Swedish stainless steel runners offer precise edges which maintain long blade life and resist rust or corrosion.

A pair of Eclipse Titanium Infinity size 10-inch blades weighs just 14.2 oz. (402.56 g), lighter than any other blade on the market! Less weight with less resistance means you’ll cover the ice faster and jump higher than ever before. Be amazed at the difference you’ll feel the first time on the ice with Eclipse Titanium blades.

100% Skater Guarantee: If not satisfied, simply return your blades within 60 days with a proof of purchase for a full refund.

* We offer a complimentary sharpening on all new blade purchases.  If you want us to sharpen your new ice skating blades for you, please indicate the radius of hollow you would like (5/16", 7/16", etc.) or your skating level and frequency (Juvenile, 3x/week, Basic 5, 1x/week, etc.).  If nothing is indicated, we will send your blades to you in their original condition with the manufacturer's sharpening.

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