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Ultima Finesse Blade
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Ultima Finesse Blade

Ultima Finesse Blade

Ultima Finesse Blade
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Ultima Finesse Blade

Designed for synchro skaters and intermediate level dancers. The unique pick format reduces scratch, yet can still accomodate jumps and spins.  Short heel assists during close manuveurs.  


  • Straight cut picks
  • Short heel
  • Chrome finish
  • Intermediate competition profile
  • Team or Dance usage
  • 8' Rocker

  • * We offer a complimentary sharpening on all blade purchases.  If you would like for us to sharpen your blades for you, please indicate the radius of hollow you would like (7/16", 1/2", etc.) or your skating level (Basic 8, Freestyle 1, etc.) and skating frequency (once a week, 2x week, etc.).  If you do not want us to sharpen your new figure skate blades, just leave that option blank and we will send them with the factory sharpening.
Features Benefits
Straight Cut Toe Pick Original toe pick design still popular among skaters.