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Ultima Matrix Freestyle Blade
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Ultima Matrix Freestyle Blade

Ultima Matrix Freestyle Blade

Ultima Matrix Freestyle Blade
Comes in your choice of color
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Ultima Matrix Freestyle Blade

Matrix blades are a combination of an aluminum chasis with a stainless steel runner which results in a blade that is 33% lighter than traditional blades.  The reduced weight means reduced fatigue and with stainless steel runners, the harder edges mean a longer blade life.

  • All pick patterns are identical to those on our Ultima blade models, allowing seamless transition 
  • Stainless steel runner is maintenance free and holds edges longer for a longer lasting blade 
  • Runner is inset into chassis and permanently secured using 3 axels
  • Parallel chassis allows for accurate sharpening

  • Constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • Channeled design to ensure the blade will not twist or torque
  • Aluminum construction provides a quieter skate
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Cross cut picks 
  • Stainless steel runner holds edges longer 
  • Standard heel
  • Advanced competition profile
  • Freestyle/pairs usage
  • 8' Rocker 
  • Comparable to the MK Phantom

Not all sizes are made in all colors.

7-1/2" - 11" - Silver
8-3/4" - 10-1/4" - Gold
9" - 11" - Black
7-1/2" - 10-1/2" Lilac and Pink 

* We offer a sharpening free of charge on all blade purchases.  If you would like for us to sharpen your ice skate blades for you, please indicate the radius of hollow you would like (7/16", 1/2", etc.) or your skating level (Basic 8, Freestyle 1, etc.) and skating frequency (once a week, 2x week, etc.).  If you do not want us to sharpen your new figure skating blades, just leave that option blank and we will send them with the original factory sharpening.

Features Benefits
Cross Cut Toe Pick Superior grip on the ice
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