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Ultima Freestyle Blade
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Ultima Freestyle Blade
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Ultima Freestyle Blade

This model incorporates all of the latest technology and features available. It is the preferred choice of World and Olympic competitors and is recommended by elite coaches everywhere.


  • Cross cut picks
  • E-X-T (Edge enhancement technology - produces extra hard edges)
  • Solid plates
  • Chrome finish
  • Standard heel
  • Advanced competition profile
  • Freestyle/pairs usage
  • 8' Rocker 

Comparable to the MK Phantom

* We offer a complimentary sharpening on all figure skate blade purchases.  If you would like for us to sharpen your blades for you, please indicate the radius of hollow you would like (7/16", 1/2", etc.) or your skating level (Basic 8, Freestyle 1, etc.) and skating frequency (once a week, 2x week, etc.).  If you do not want us to sharpen your new ice skate blades, just leave that option blank and we will send them with the factory sharpening.
Features Benefits
Cross Cut Toe Pick Superior grip on the ice