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Chloe Noel Colored Zipper Fitted Jacket
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Chloe Noel Colored Zipper Fitted Jacket
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Chloe Noel Fitted Jacket

  • Zipper colors match with pants & jackets contrast colors.

  • Front zipper with jersey faced exterior, brushed inside fabric for extra comfort and warmth.

  • Designed with the serious skater in mind; no hood and fitted so the coach can clearly see every aspect of your incredible jumps, spirals, and spins.

  • The stretch material will allow you to move gracefully and still keep comfortably warm.
    Innovative fabric allows the body's moisture to pass through the garment.

  • The fast-wicking inner surface is super comfortable next to the skin. Finish resists odor-causing bacteria.

Fabric: 49% Poly --38% Nylon --13% Spandex

Made in U.S.A.

Sizes: CXS, CS, CM, CL, AXS, AS, AM, AL, AXL

Fuchsia Child Small in stock.

Expect 10 days for delivery of those sizes not in stock.