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Bauer Vapor x50
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Bauer Vapor x50

Bauer Vapor x50

Bauer Vapor x50
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Bauer Vapor x50 Hockey Skate

The Bauer Vapor x50 has sublimated woven nylon with thermoformed X-rib quarter package allow you to bake and create a custom fit for maximum comfort. Anaform foam ankle pads form to your most tender parts of your ankles too keep you comforted and protected from pucks to minor things such as blisters. 

Microfiber lining material on the inside keeps sweat off of you so you can focus on what's important...the game. Anatomical 2-piece felt tongue keeps your front ankle and lower shin protected from pucks and sticks. 

Lastly, Molded comfort EVA footbed is not just that of the typical, it's molded to comfortably fit your foot and prevent sliding within the skate. Dual-density beveled TPR outsole ultimately makes the skates lighter...making you faster. TUUK LIGHTSPEED Pro holder and TUUK super stainless steel runner round out the X50's for lightning fast quickneess.

Available in Junior Size 2.5 Only.

* All skates purchased from Houston Skate & Dance Shop come with a free initial sharpening if you desire.  Just enter your desired radius of hollow (1/2", 5/16" etc.)  or skating frequency (1x/week; 3x/week, etc.) below.  If nothing is entered, we will send them with the factory sharpening.