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Mondor Skating Dresses

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Skate Fittings and 'While-You-Wait' Sharpenings by appointment.


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Mondor Skating Dresses

Mondor Skating Dress 660 (SKU: MD-660)Mondor Skating Dress 660 (SKU: MD-660)

In stock in Youth 8-10.
Mondor Skating Dress 12921 - Midnight (SKU: MD-12921m)Mondor Skating Dress 12921 - Midnight (SKU: MD-12921m)

In stock in Adult X-Large.
Mondor Skating Dress 12933 (SKU: MD-12933)Mondor Skating Dress 12933 (SKU: MD-12933)

In stock in Youth 12-14.
Mondor Skating Dress 2765 (SKU: MD-2765)Mondor Skating Dress 2765 (SKU: MD-2765)
In Stock in Youth 6x-7 and 10-12.
Mondor Skating Dress 12921 - Pink Sherbet (SKU: MD-12921p)Mondor Skating Dress 12921 - Pink Sherbet (SKU: MD-12921p)

In stock in Youth 8-10 through 12-14.
Mondor Skating Dress 2723 - Buttterflies (SKU: MD-2723t)Mondor Skating Dress 2723 - Buttterflies (SKU: MD-2723t)

In stock in Youth 8-10.
Mondor Skating Dress 12924 (SKU: MD-12924)Mondor Skating Dress 12924 (SKU: MD-12924)

In stock in Youth 12-14.
Mondor Skating Dress 2711 - Purple (SKU: MD-2711)Mondor Skating Dress 2711 - Purple (SKU: MD-2711)

In stock in Youth  6x-7.
Mondor Skating Dress 12930 (SKU: MD-12930)Mondor Skating Dress 12930 (SKU: MD-12930)

In Stock in Youth 8-10 thru Adult Small.
Mondor 666 Skating Dress - Purple (SKU: MD-666)Mondor 666 Skating Dress - Purple (SKU: MD-666)
Offered in Youth 4-6 thru 10-12.

Mondor Skating Dress 12934 (SKU: MD-12934)Mondor Skating Dress 12934 (SKU: MD-12934)

In stock in Youth 10-12.
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