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Skating Accessories

Holiday Hours:
Closed Dec. 25
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& until 4pm on Dec. 27
Closed Dec. 28 & 29
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Skate Fittings and 'While-You-Wait' Sharpenings by appointment.

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Boot Covers

Boot Covers

Blade Guards and Soakers

Blade Guards and Soakers

Blade Buddies Blade CoversBlade Buddies Blade Covers
Fluffy Animal Blade SoakersFluffy Animal Blade Soakers
Tuff TerrysTuff Terrys
Crystal GuardsCrystal Guards
Rockerz Skate GuardsRockerz Skate Guards
Fun Food Blade SoakersFun Food Blade Soakers


Champion CordsChampion Cords
Used during skating practice, Champion cords help increase the awareness of the alignment of hands and feet.


Off ice training device with metal plate construction and dual rubber treads. Rounded corners for safety.
Plastic SpinnerPlastic Spinner

Rocker style spinner gives the feel of skating.

Odor AidOdor Aid

Disinfectant spray for killing odor-causing bacteria.
Edea Skate LacesEdea Skate Laces
Edea skate laces designed for Edea boots.

Edea Rhinestone LacesEdea Rhinestone Laces
Edea rhinestone skate laces designed for Edea boots.

Edea Lace StrapsEdea Lace Straps
Edea lace straps provide extra support for the tongue.

Risport Skate LacesRisport Skate Laces
Edea skate laces designed for Edea boots.

Figure Skating LacesFigure Skating Laces
Polyester figure skating laces in a variety of colors and lengths.

Rhinestone Skating LacesRhinestone Skating Laces
Skating laces with rhinestones.


Non-toxic desiccant that keeps your skaes dry and odor-free.
Fuzzy LegwarmersFuzzy Legwarmers

Polyester/spandex blend resulting in a soft and stretchable legwarmer.

Mini Locker - SkateMini Locker - Skate
I Love Skating Pillow CaseI Love Skating Pillow Case
Live Love Skate Bag TagLive Love Skate Bag Tag
Unisex Warm-up BootsUnisex Warm-up Boots
Six colors to choose from.

Fits from Child size 10 to Adult size 10.

Superfeet OrthosesSuperfeet Orthoses
Superfeet possess an elevated heel and biomechanical shape that help to stabilize your foot and improve the energy transfer between you and your skates for greater power, control and comfort.
Polar Fleece Head BandPolar Fleece Head Band
Microfiber Skate TowelMicrofiber Skate Towel
Super aborbent microfiber towel.  16" x 16" with mesh drawstring bag included.