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24 Square Inch Duffel Bag (SKU: SA-SD624)24 Square Inch Duffel Bag (SKU: SA-SD624)
Detachable front pocket allows for easy removal for embroidered customization.

Pink Shoe Compartment Bag (SKU: BAL-05)Pink Shoe Compartment Bag (SKU: BAL-05)
Inside pocket and Shoe Compartment in bottom.

Bag measures 11" x 9" x 5" -- Black or Pink

Polka Dot Duffel Bag (SKU: SA-DOT02b)Polka Dot Duffel Bag (SKU: SA-DOT02b)
Inside and outside pockets.

Measures 8" x 14"

Sweet Delight Dance Bag (SKU: SA-BAL10)Sweet Delight Dance Bag (SKU: SA-BAL10)
Embroidered Dance.

Bag measures 7" x 12"

Ballet/Tap Combo Bag (SKU: BTC-02)Ballet/Tap Combo Bag (SKU: BTC-02)
Fully lined with inside pockets.

Bag measures 11" x 10.5" x 3"

Ladies Sequin Tote (SKU: DS-4993)Ladies Sequin Tote (SKU: DS-4993)
Features irredescent sequins and glossy trim.

Measures 14" x 4.5'' x 12.5"

Polka Dot Tutu Tote Bag (SKU: SA- NOR08)Polka Dot Tutu Tote Bag (SKU: SA- NOR08)
Micro fiber bag.

Matching Personal ID Tag

Pink/Gray Small Duffle (SKU: GRA-02)Pink/Gray Small Duffle (SKU: GRA-02)
Inside and outside pockets.

Bag measures 7" x 12"

Quilted Back Pack (SKU: SA-CPK02b)Quilted Back Pack (SKU: SA-CPK02b)
Features inside and outside pockets.

Flower Power Tote (SKU: SA-FLP03)Flower Power Tote (SKU: SA-FLP03)
Features crystalline accents.

Measures 11" x 9" x 3"

Ballet Shoes Tote (SKU: DS-4903)Ballet Shoes Tote (SKU: DS-4903)
Sequin bag with a "flash" of fuchsia.

Dalmatian Tote with Shoe Compartment (SKU: SA-DAL01b)Dalmatian Tote with Shoe Compartment (SKU: SA-DAL01b)
12" x 9" x 4" with vented shoe compartment at bottom.

DOTZ n Hearts Ribbon Duffel Bag (SKU: DTZ-02)DOTZ n Hearts Ribbon Duffel Bag (SKU: DTZ-02)
Printed Polka-dotz design features inside and outside pockets.

Medium Tote with Shoe Compartment (SKU: SA-CHV03)Medium Tote with Shoe Compartment (SKU: SA-CHV03)
Fully lined with bottom vented shoe compartment.

Tutu with Zebra Tote Bag (SKU: SA-NOR03)Tutu with Zebra Tote Bag (SKU: SA-NOR03)
Magnetic closure with inside pocket.

Bag measures 11" x 9.5" x 3"

Tutu Cute-Embroidered Ballerina Bag (SKU: SA-NOR06)Tutu Cute-Embroidered Ballerina Bag (SKU: SA-NOR06)
Matching ID tag and inside pocket.

Bag measures 11" x 10.5" x 4"

Ballet/Tap Combination Bag (SKU: BTC-06)Ballet/Tap Combination Bag (SKU: BTC-06)
Inside and outside pockets.

Measures 8" x 14"

Dance Dream Tote (SKU: DS-4954)Dance Dream Tote (SKU: DS-4954)
Microfiber bag with 3d applique.

Measures 11" x 12.5" x 3.5"

Mixed Media Dance Tote (SKU: MXD-01)Mixed Media Dance Tote (SKU: MXD-01)
Microfiber material.

Fully lined, inside pocket.

Pointe Shoes & Ribbon Tote (SKU: BAL-04)Pointe Shoes & Ribbon Tote (SKU: BAL-04)