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Body Pop (SKU: MD-817)Body Pop (SKU: MD-817)
Adult size only.

Peony Pink or Black

Camisole Top (SKU: MD-819)Camisole Top (SKU: MD-819)
Adult Size Only.

Black, Pink, Grape or Ocean.
Racerback Cami Bra Length Top (SKU: MO-3127)Racerback Cami Bra Length Top (SKU: MO-3127)
Offered in Child Large thru Adult Large.

Black or Fuchsia

Clamdiggers (SKU: MO-3204)Clamdiggers (SKU: MO-3204)
Offered in Adult Large.

Convertible Strap Bra (SKU: MO-2493)Convertible Strap Bra (SKU: MO-2493)
Offered in Child Large thru Adult Large.

Matrix Crop Top (SKU: MD-3515)Matrix Crop Top (SKU: MD-3515)
Offered in Youth 8-10 thru Adult Small.

Purple, Paradise, Capri Pink or Black.

V-Waist Jazz Pants (SKU: MO-7163)V-Waist Jazz Pants (SKU: MO-7163)
Offered in Child Small through Adult Large.
Leg Warmers (SKU: MD-253)Leg Warmers (SKU: MD-253)
Child and Adult sizes.

Seven colors to choose from.

14" Leg Warmer (SKU: MD-260)14" Leg Warmer (SKU: MD-260)
14" long with flower applique.

Lilac, Lt. Blue or Pink.

Low Rise Jazz  Pants (SKU: MO-7152)Low Rise Jazz Pants (SKU: MO-7152)
Offered in Child Small thru Adult Large.



Velvet Micro-Mini Workout Shorts (SKU: GK-1448)Velvet Micro-Mini Workout Shorts (SKU: GK-1448)
Child Small only - Ocean or Sapphire.

V-Waist Shorts (SKU: MO-7113)V-Waist Shorts (SKU: MO-7113)
Offered in Child Intermediate through Adult Small.

Black, Purple or Neon Pink.

Banded Leg Cut Shorts (SKU: MO-7141)Banded Leg Cut Shorts (SKU: MO-7141)
Offered in Adult Medium.

Black Only.

Low Rise Shorts (SKU: MO-1631)Low Rise Shorts (SKU: MO-1631)
Offered in Child Intermediate thru Adult X-Small.

11 different colors.