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Dance Shoes

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Ballet Shoes
We carry Character, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Split Sole Jazz Sneakers and Zumba Shoes from Bloch, Dance Class and SoDanca.  

However, we do not sell dance shoes online. Not only does every brand and shoe type vary widely in its sizing, making it extremely difficult to buy the appropriate size on-line, but everyone's feet and needs are different, and while it's easy enough to follow a sizing chart to determine if a ballet leotard will fit properly, the same cannot be done with shoes. People have high arches, low arches, and no arches; they have bunions, wide feet, narrow feet, suppination, and more. If the clothing you buy is a little big, it can be altered; if it's a little small, you might be uncomfortable, but you can manage. However, get a shoe that's too big or too small and your feet are going to suffer.  Purchasing shoes over the internet can easily lead to improper fit, which, in turn can cause damage to the foot and at the very least, premature breakdown of the shoe. As a result, it's best to get fit in the store when purchasing. Therefore, if you're looking for a dance shoe, stop by for a personal fitting. 

We don't want to just sell you a dance shoe - we want you to get the shoe that's right for you.
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