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Ruffles to Riches Dress - Sapphire (SKU: JR-14s)Ruffles to Riches Dress - Sapphire (SKU: JR-14s)

Offered in Youth 6-8 and 8-10.
Diamond Chips Dress  - Royal Blue (SKU: JR-153a)Diamond Chips Dress - Royal Blue (SKU: JR-153a)

Offered in Youth 6-8 thru Adult Small.
Turquoise Twizzle Dress (SKU: JR-168)Turquoise Twizzle Dress (SKU: JR-168)

In stock in Youth 10-12.
Gold Scrolls Dress - Red (SKU: JR-178r)Gold Scrolls Dress - Red (SKU: JR-178r)

Offered in Youth 6-8 and 10-12.
Classique Skating Dress - Crystal Blue (SKU: JR-188a)Classique Skating Dress - Crystal Blue (SKU: JR-188a)
Offered in Youth 4-6 thru 12-14.
Raspberry Cordial Skating Dress (SKU: JR-260)Raspberry Cordial Skating Dress (SKU: JR-260)

In stock in Youth 12-14.
Shiraz Dress (SKU: JR-600a)Shiraz Dress (SKU: JR-600a)

Offered in Youth 10-12.