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Skating Skirts

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Figure Skating Skirts

Double Back Skirt (SKU: JR-503)Double Back Skirt (SKU: JR-503)

Offered in Youth 6-8 thru Youth 12-14.

5 different designs to choose from.
Lycra Box Skirt (SKU: JR-516)Lycra Box Skirt (SKU: JR-516)

Available in Youth 8-10 thru Adult X-Large.

Black or Navy.
York Flare Skate Skirts (SKU: CN-K02)York Flare Skate Skirts (SKU: CN-K02)

Available in Child XX-Small thru Adult Large.

Eight designs to choose from.
Velvet Front Slits Skirt (SKU: MD-2823)Velvet Front Slits Skirt (SKU: MD-2823)
Offered in Adult X-Small.
Front Slit Box Skirt (SKU: JR-514)Front Slit Box Skirt (SKU: JR-514)

Velvet skirt available in Youth 10-12 thru Adult Small.

Raspberry, Wedgewood Blue, Slate or Red.
Single Skirt (SKU: JR-316)Single Skirt (SKU: JR-316)
Available in Youth 6-8 snd 12-14.
Demi Modern Skirt (SKU: JR-314)Demi Modern Skirt (SKU: JR-314)

Offered in Youth 12-14 and Adult Small.

Pleated Georgette Skirt (SKU: JR-315)Pleated Georgette Skirt (SKU: JR-315)
Offered in Youth 8-10 and Adult Small.

Black or Wedgewood Blue.
Velvet Box Skirt (SKU: JR-517)Velvet Box Skirt (SKU: JR-517)

Offered in Youth 10-12 thru Adult Large.

Wedgewood Blue, Navy, Sky Blue or Black.
Ruffled Box Skirts (SKU: JR-513)Ruffled Box Skirts (SKU: JR-513)

Velvet skirt available in Youth 12-14 and Adult Small.

Available in Lime.
Velvet Burnout Lace Flare Skirt (SKU: CN-K06)Velvet Burnout Lace Flare Skirt (SKU: CN-K06)

Offered in Adult Medium.
A-Line Skate Skirts (SKU: CN-K01)A-Line Skate Skirts (SKU: CN-K01)
Offered in Child XX-Small thru Adult Large.

Animal Turquoise, Zebra, Black, Purple Bubbles, Leopard, Fuchia Animal, White Dot or Fuchsia Dot.
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