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Jackson Skates for Women

We will be closed Easter Monday, April 22, 2019.

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Skate Fittings and 'While-You-Wait' Sharpenings by appointment.

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We offer an initial complimentary sharpening on all skates and blades purchased from Houston Skate & Dance Shop!

Listed below are the styles of Jackson skates and boots we typically keep in stock and fit on a regular basis.  However, a sizing chart and list of the features a skate offers doesn't guarantee the it's the "perfect fit" or the right skate for you.  If you need a pair of ice skates or figure skating boots, schedule an appointment or contact us.  We may be able to provide you with a "virtual" fitting if you are unable to visit our shop.

Jackson FIgure Skates for Women

Jackson FIgure Skates for Women

Jackson Mystique Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-JS1490)Jackson Mystique Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-JS1490)
The Ladies Jackson Mystique figure skate is meant for recreational and beginner skaters.

Jackson Artiste Figure Skates - Ladies (SKU: DJ-JS1790)Jackson Artiste Figure Skates - Ladies (SKU: DJ-JS1790)
The Ladies Jackson Artiste figure skate is a beginner to mid-basic instructional skate.

Jackson Classique Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-JS1990)Jackson Classique Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-JS1990)
The Ladies Jackson 1990 Classique Figure Skate is recommended for basic instructional and recreational skaters.

Jackson Ladies Freestyle Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-DJ2190)Jackson Ladies Freestyle Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-DJ2190)
The Ladies Freestyle boot with an attached Aspire blade is designed for single jumps.

Jackson Ladies Freestyle Fusion Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-FS2190)Jackson Ladies Freestyle Fusion Figure Skates (SKU: DJ-FS2190)
The Ladies Freestyle Fusion boot with an attached Aspire blade is designed for single jumps.

Women's Jackson Competitor Ice Skates (SKU: DJ-DJ2470)Women's Jackson Competitor Ice Skates (SKU: DJ-DJ2470)
Ladies Jackson Competitor ice skates are designed for single jumps up to the Axel.

Women's Jackson Debut Boot (SKU: DJ-DJ2450)Women's Jackson Debut Boot (SKU: DJ-DJ2450)
The Jackson Debut boot is designed for skaters working on their axel and single jumps.

Women's Jackson Premier Boot (SKU: DJ-DJ2800)Women's Jackson Premier Boot (SKU: DJ-DJ2800)
The Jackson Premier boot is designed for skaters with their axel and double jumps.

Jackson Elite Figure Boots (SKU: DJ-DJ5200)Jackson Elite Figure Boots (SKU: DJ-DJ5200)
Designed for double jumps, the Jackson Elite skating boot offers firm support.

Jackson Supreme Low Cut Boots (SKU: DJ-DJ5400)Jackson Supreme Low Cut Boots (SKU: DJ-DJ5400)
Strong boot designed for extra flexibility.  Great for Dance and Synchro.

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