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Elite Expression Skate Dresses

Due to weather, we will open at 1pm on  January 17, 2018.
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Skate Fittings and 'While-You-Wait' Sharpenings by appointment.

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Mon - Wed 10am - 6pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 12pm - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday Closed
Purple Lace Dress (SKU: EXP-1561)Purple Lace Dress (SKU: EXP-1561)
Offered in Adult X-Large.

Red Princess Dress (SKU: EXP-1558)Red Princess Dress (SKU: EXP-1558)
Offered in Adult Large

Daisy Velvet Dress (SKU: EXP-1507)Daisy Velvet Dress (SKU: EXP-1507)
Offered in Youth 12-14.

Blue Bayou Dress (SKU: EXP-1526)Blue Bayou Dress (SKU: EXP-1526)
Offered in Adult Small.

Lollipop  Dress (SKU: EXP-1514)Lollipop Dress (SKU: EXP-1514)
Offered in Youth 8-10 thru 12-14.

Black Dancer Dress (SKU: EXP-1505)Black Dancer Dress (SKU: EXP-1505)
Offered in Youth 6-8.

Two Tone Velvet  Dress (SKU: EXP-1559)Two Tone Velvet Dress (SKU: EXP-1559) 
Offered in Adult Small.

Black Fashion Wise Dress (SKU: EXP-1503)Black Fashion Wise Dress (SKU: EXP-1503)
Offered in Adult Large.

Cinderella Dress (SKU: EXP-1535)Cinderella Dress (SKU: EXP-1535)
Offered in Youth 8-10.

Purple Rose Dress (SKU: EXP-1554)Purple Rose Dress (SKU: EXP-1554)
Offered in Adult X-Large

Red Scarlet Dress (SKU: EXP-1512)Red Scarlet Dress (SKU: EXP-1512)
Offered in Youth 12-14

Ballerina Skating Dress (SKU: EXP-1536)Ballerina Skating Dress (SKU: EXP-1536)
Offered in Youth 6-8 

Black Calm Dress (SKU: EXP-1523)Black Calm Dress (SKU: EXP-1523)
Offered in Youth 10-12 thru Adult Medium.

Spanish Dress (SKU: EXP-1522)Spanish Dress (SKU: EXP-1522)
Offered in Youth 12-14 

Black Velvet Dress (SKU: EXP-1506)Black Velvet Dress (SKU: EXP-1506)
Offered in Youth 6-8 thru 12-14.

Red Velvet Rose Dress (SKU: EXP-1560)Red Velvet Rose Dress (SKU: EXP-1560)
Offered in Youth 10-12 thru Adult Large.