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Three Steps to a Virtual Skate Fitting

It's always best to be fit personally with a skate so we highly recommend you get fit by an authorized, qualified skate fitter who can measure, mold and adjust the skate according to the skater's level and body.  However, in our years of business, we have come to realize that many people do not have a skate shop and are forced to purchase online.  So, we've decided to open up our online business to those who must purchase skates online.  We just don’t want them to buy them from us without any assistance so we have come up with a very helpful way for you to figure out how to get the “virtual” fitting without coming to Houston!
Please see our “About Us” page so you can see how we are qualified to fit and help you with your skates.
Call us at 832-778-8799 and speak to Patti.  She will ask you a series of questions to help determine what style, company and size skate you may need.
STEP 2: 
She will send you an email with video and images that will help explain what measurements she is looking for to ensure a great fit. She will ask for videos or images plus a few measurements.  Don’t’ worry, they are very easy and the email will walk you through it.
She will send the skates to you along with an email explaining how to put them on and how they should fit.  She will also give you wear and care instructions.  You can always call her to follow up to make sure all is well.
Even though you can purchase a figure skates for a few dollars less somewhere else, are they willing to take the time to show you how to measure and fit the skate properly to your skater?  At Houston Skate & Dance Shop, we are!! We understand just how important the correct skate is - even if you are off a half size, you're not setting the skater up for the best success possible.  

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