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Ruffled Box Skirts (SKU: JR-513)Ruffled Box Skirts (SKU: JR-513)

Velvet skirt available in Youth 12-14 and Adult Small.

Available in Lime.
Velvet Box Skirt (SKU: JR-517)Velvet Box Skirt (SKU: JR-517)

Offered in Youth 10-12 thru Adult Large.

Wedgewood Blue, Navy, Royal, Sky Blue or Black.
Jerry's Matte Lycra Pants (SKU: JR-381)Jerry's Matte Lycra Pants (SKU: JR-381)
Offered in Child 10-12 thru Adult Small.

Clamdiggers (SKU: MO-3204)Clamdiggers (SKU: MO-3204)
Offered in Adult Large.

Microtech Halter Top (SKU: GK-1159)Microtech Halter Top (SKU: GK-1159)

Offered in Adult Large.
Sweetheart Ballet Leotard (SKU: MO-2200)Sweetheart Ballet Leotard (SKU: MO-2200)

Offered in Child Small thru Large.

Light Blue.
Front Slit Box Skirt (SKU: JR-514)Front Slit Box Skirt (SKU: JR-514)

Velvet skirt available in Youth 10-12 thru Adult Small.

Raspberry, Wedgewood Blue, Slate or Red.
So Danca Open Toe Ballroom Shoe (SKU: SO-BL19)So Danca Open Toe Ballroom Shoe (SKU: SO-BL19)
Leather Ballroom shoe. Suede lining.

Limited sizes available.

Mondor Skating Dress 2741 (SKU: MD-2741)Mondor Skating Dress 2741 (SKU: MD-2741)

In stock in Adult Small.
Chloe Noel Skating Dress CN-DSV62 (SKU: CN-DSV62)Chloe Noel Skating Dress CN-DSV62 (SKU: CN-DSV62)

Offered in Child Medium thru Adult Large.

Purple, Royal or Black Sparkle.
Matrix Wide Strap Top (SKU: MD-3512)Matrix Wide Strap Top (SKU: MD-3512)
Offered in Adult Sizes.

Black only.

Mondor Dress 4413 - Rainbow (SKU: md-4413)Mondor Dress 4413 - Rainbow (SKU: md-4413)
In stock in Youth 6x-7.

Mondor's Ruched Jacket (SKU: MD-34808)Mondor's Ruched Jacket (SKU: MD-34808)
Offered in Adult Large

Mondor's Supplex Stripe Leggings (SKU: MD-4820)Mondor's Supplex Stripe Leggings (SKU: MD-4820)
Supplex leggings with contrasting stripe.

Offered in Adult Large.

Body Pop (SKU: MD-817)Body Pop (SKU: MD-817)
Adult size only.

Peony Pink or Black

Mondor Polartec Jacket (SKU: MD-4481)Mondor Polartec Jacket (SKU: MD-4481)
Offered in Youth 6x-7 thru  Adult Small.

Velvet Micro-Mini Workout Shorts (SKU: GK-1448)Velvet Micro-Mini Workout Shorts (SKU: GK-1448)
Child Small only - Ocean or Sapphire.

Jerry's Fleece Flare Pants (SKU: JR-366)Jerry's Fleece Flare Pants (SKU: JR-366)
Offered in Youth 6-8 and 10-12.

Matrix Crop Top (SKU: MD-3515)Matrix Crop Top (SKU: MD-3515)
Offered in Youth 8-10 thru Adult Small.

Purple, Paradise, Capri Pink or Black.

Dance Class Jazz Shoe (SKU: TR-J100)Dance Class Jazz Shoe (SKU: TR-J100)
Lace up - Black or Tan.

Offered in Child 9 thru Adult 10.

Mondor's PowerMAX Leggings (SKU: MD-503)Mondor's PowerMAX Leggings (SKU: MD-503)
Offered in Adult Large.

Mondor Skating Dress 2732 (SKU: MD-2732)Mondor Skating Dress 2732 (SKU: MD-2732)

In stock in Youth 10-12.
Chloe Noel Contrast Stitch Fitted Jacket (SKU: CN-J37)Chloe Noel Contrast Stitch Fitted Jacket (SKU: CN-J37)

Offered in Child Medium with turquoise stitching.
Mondorina Ballerina Skirt (SKU: MD-6145)Mondorina Ballerina Skirt (SKU: MD-6145)
Offered in Youth 2-4 thru 4-6.

Chloe Noel Two Tone Polar Fleece Fitted Jacket (SKU: CN-J81)Chloe Noel Two Tone Polar Fleece Fitted Jacket (SKU: CN-J81)
Offered in Child Small and Adult Small
So Danca Open Toe Ballroom Shoe (SKU: SO-BL26)So Danca Open Toe Ballroom Shoe (SKU: SO-BL26)
Limited sizes available.

Black or Copper.

Del Arbour Dress FG1 (SKU: DE-FG1)Del Arbour Dress FG1 (SKU: DE-FG1)

Offered in Adult X-Small.

Light Blue.
Velvet Front Slits Skirt (SKU: MD-2823)Velvet Front Slits Skirt (SKU: MD-2823)
Offered in Adult X-Small.
Mondorina Ballerina Cap Sleeve Leotard (SKU: MD-6143)Mondorina Ballerina Cap Sleeve Leotard (SKU: MD-6143)
Offered in Youth 2-4

Chloe Noel Two Tone Polar Fleece Skate Pants (SKU: CN-P81)Chloe Noel Two Tone Polar Fleece Skate Pants (SKU: CN-P81)

Available in Child X-Small in Purple.
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