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Gymnastic Leotards and Shorts
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Motionwear Gymnastic Leotard 1194 (SKU: MO-1194)Motionwear Gymnastic Leotard 1194 (SKU: MO-1194)
Child Large and Adult X-Small.
Wide Strap Square Back Leotard (SKU: MO-1312)Wide Strap Square Back Leotard (SKU: MO-1312)
Offered in Child Small, Intermediate and Medium.

Double Curved Tank Leotard (SKU: MO-1319)Double Curved Tank Leotard (SKU: MO-1319)
Offered in Child Medium.

Bright & Shiny Unitard (SKU: MD-7854)Bright & Shiny Unitard (SKU: MD-7854)
Offered in Youth 2-4 and 8-10.

Two Toned Clover Leaf Leotard (SKU: MO-1453)Two Toned Clover Leaf Leotard (SKU: MO-1453)
Offered in Child Small, Intermediate and Large.

Bow Back Biketard (SKU: MO-1500)Bow Back Biketard (SKU: MO-1500)
Offered in Child Intermediate and Medium.

Mondor Neon Tank Leotard 7835 (SKU: MD-7835)Mondor Neon Tank Leotard 7835 (SKU: MD-7835)
In stock in Youth 6x-7.

Neon Plain Leotard (SKU: MD-7839)Neon Plain Leotard (SKU: MD-7839)
Offered in Youth 8-10 and 10-12.

Black Only

Mondor Print & Velvet Unitard (SKU: MD-17801)Mondor Print & Velvet Unitard (SKU: MD-17801)
Metallic print and plain velvet leotard.

Offered in Youth 2-4

Gymnastics Butterfly Leotard (SKU: MO-1425)Gymnastics Butterfly Leotard (SKU: MO-1425)

Offered in  Child Intermdiate and Large.
Swirl Cross Back Gymnastic Leotard (SKU: MO-1534)Swirl Cross Back Gymnastic Leotard (SKU: MO-1534)
Offered in Child Medium and Large.

Steady Eddy, Shattered Glass or Hurricane

Contrast Front Racerback Leotard (SKU: MO-1272)Contrast Front Racerback Leotard (SKU: MO-1272)
Offered in Child Large thru Adult Medium.

Mondor Bright & Shiny Leotard (SKU: MD-7856)Mondor Bright & Shiny Leotard (SKU: MD-7856)
Tank style leotard offered in Youth 6x-7 and 10-12.

Motionwear Gymnastic Leotard 1424 (SKU: MO-1424)Motionwear Gymnastic Leotard 1424 (SKU: MO-1424)
Child Small and Intermediate.


Low Rise Shorts (SKU: MO-1631)Low Rise Shorts (SKU: MO-1631)
Offered in Child Intermediate thru Adult X-Small.

11 different colors.

V-Waist Shorts (SKU: MO-7113)V-Waist Shorts (SKU: MO-7113)
Offered in Child Intermediate through Adult Small.

Black, Purple or Neon Pink.

Velvet Micro-Mini Workout Shorts (SKU: GK-1448)Velvet Micro-Mini Workout Shorts (SKU: GK-1448)
Child Small only - Ocean or Sapphire.