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Pic Skate Accessories
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ABEC BearingsABEC BearingsChoose from the ABEC-5 or ABEC-7 replacement wheel bearings.
Axel 6.0 WheelsAxel 6.0 Wheels
The wheel's shape and core assist in jumps, spins and footwork.

Geneva WheelsGeneva Wheels
Provides for enhanced edges, spins and jumps.

P-11 Ball PicP-11 Ball Pic
A superior pic due to its design and material makeup.

P-14 X Ball PicP-14 X Ball Pic
Hardest, longest lasting toe pic.

P-9 PicP-9 Pic
Designed to help with spins, jumps and footwork.

Pic Skate Carrier 844Pic Skate Carrier 844
Protect your Pic Skates while traveling.

Pic Skate Mounting KitPic Skate Mounting Kit
Contains everything needed to mount wheels and frames.
Included with purchase of pic frame sets.