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Artistic Inline Skates

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Artistic Inline Skates

There are inline skates, commonly referred to as rollerblades, and then there are artistic inline skates, or inline figure skates, which are a different animal.  Artistic inline skates, pioneered by the invention of the PIC Skate, are designed to allow skaters to do more than "just" skate from one place to another.  The artistic skate frame mimics the rocker of a figure skate blade, allowing the skater to both spin and jump as if they were on the ice.  As a result, artistic inline skates make great off ice training tools for figure skaters.

Artistic skate frames are sold separately from the skate boot and, like a figure blade, must be mounted to a boot.  Some online vendors will sell pre-mounted sets, but this locks the skater into a predetermined style of boot and frame.  We sell both the boots and frames separately, allowing the skater to choose what they like/want.  If you are unsure, let us know and we can help you decide what suits your situation best.

Currently, we represent both PIC Skate, the original invention that began the whole artitistic inline skate movement, and Roll-Line Linea, the most recent entrant into the field.

Artistic Inline Skate
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